How much do you charge?

Familiarize yourself with the rates here

Can I pay by Card? 

-We accept all Australian issued cards and most international cards. Please note that there is a 2% surcharge for all card payments

Should I bring my own instruments or will they be supplied?

-Whilst it is recommended that you bring your own instruments, we have a broad selection that you are welcome to use whilst recording

Do I get a copy of the song on a cd or emailed as an mp3/wav?

Standard practice is to email you a dropbox link with the audio for you to download though exceptions can be made to suit your requirements.

How long does it take to record a song?

The length of recording for a song depends on the complexity of the song and you/your bands competency with the parts. For a typical 3-4 piece band with simple parts I would suggest 4-6 hours per song

How long does it take to mix/master?

Again this is dependent on the complexity of the song but on average you will have the song back, completely mixed and mastered within 3-4 days.

Can I take photos/videos while in the studio?

This is definitely acceptable and encouraged.